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Convertible soft tops will require special attention to maintain the original looks and waterproofing. Although the cost to replace the soft top can cost several hundreds of pounds, regular care and maintenance is all that is required to maintain that new look.

You can see when it's time to re-waterproof the fabric top. Simply pour some water onto the fabric roof. If it beads and runs away it's OK. If however the water soaks in and disappears, it's time to re-clean and re-waterproof. You should never use a cleaner or reviver without re-waterproofing.

If the fabric soft top looks tired and faded to the outside elements, the use of the reviver will add colour back.

Mcr Valeting carry a range of cleaners, conditioners and water-proofers for both fabric and vinyl soft tops.

Available in a range of colours to suit your original hood, Mcr Valeting can make a tired soft top look new again and at a fraction of the cost of a new hood.

Prices from 110.00 for soft top cleaning & re-waterproofing

Prices from 179.00 for soft top cleaning, re-waterproofing & reviving the colour